Mindless is your brain on energy save mode. This is most humans default setting. You see, friend, thinking requires more glucose than you know. So, your brain loves it when you don’t, think that is. You mindlessly, oftentimes, commute to your place of work and the same when you make the return trip home. Meetings after meetings, especially the kind that are repetitive and routine, do more of the same. Mindlessness is a modern epidemic.

Mindful is it’s opposite. Mindfulness is when a moment in time has your full attention and energy. Mindful moments are the only moments when flow (state of optimal performance) is possible. When in flow, the activity is all consuming in terms of attention and energy. This is full on engagement. We love being in these moments and our performance peaks, as one would expect.

Mindfulness and flow go together like bacon and eggs. The problem is that these states of being juiced by our performance, fatigue our brain. Focus frees our performance, declutters the mind, and takes a ton of glucose in the process. This is a good tired, friend. This kind of tired requires rest and recovery. So, thinking comes at a cost – a cost of glucose. Certainly practicing mindful meditation is a good thing, it’s just not the same thing as being mindful in your moments of truth. If you want to taste optimal performance in your work and life, you must be more mindful, you must align energy and attention to be fully lost in what you’re doing – to be fully engaged.

Every day when I practice with one of my clients, I’m in the zone. I’m not thinking about the previous practice or the practice to follow. I’m not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. My little voice is on mute. My focus on my opus. Energy, attention, and full engagement are pegged. My mind is expanding and extremities tingling. Mind your own business, friend, and you’ll soon see. Mind your mind and your mind will fill, not with fear, anxiety, and doubt. Nope, not with that. Mind your mind and your mind will fill with whatever you want to fill it with. Mindful. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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