Day ONE (Why are you here)…

I’m here because this is exactly where I want to be on January 1, 2021. I’m here living in alignment with my CORE and OPUS through the discipline of PoP (my playbook of productive action). I’m here to live out the BTL purpose which is fully mine. I’m here. Present. What a gift to know why.

I’m here because Marie and Chet kept trying for a healthy boy. I’m here because generations before me left for a better life than the ones they had as German sharecroppers in Russia. I’m here because God created this life giving planet called Earth. Out of nothing something. What a gift to not know why.

Life is more mystery than puzzle. It takes faith. For me it is a little faith in a Great God, it’s action in ambiguity, and gratitude for this present moment – the greatest gift.

I’m here filled with more faith than fear. I’m here figuring it out on the climb. How about you?

6 thoughts on “Day ONE (Why are you here)…

  1. I’m here because my Father, The Father, created me in his image, to love and serve him in a purpose he determined before the dawn of time. I’m here, crucified in Christ, doing my best to let Christ live in and through me while I live in and through him. No, I don’t understand it, but I do believe it because the Word which created all that is, says it.
    I’m here because I’ve tried to do things my way for decades, and failed. I’m here because he is teaching me his ways, and I am a slow learner. I’m here because life, true life, is a progressive revelation that takes a lifetime. I’m here because the more I know, the more I know I don’t know.

  2. I am here as an absolute miracle, created by my heavenly father with great intention, for a specific purpose. I believe this because it is written in his Word, which I believe to be infallible. Although I believe this to be true I have to remind myself frequently and I don’t fully understand this. I’m here because I am hungry to find clarity in who I am and what I believe, in hopes to live in alignment with those beliefs. I’m here to find and fix the root cause of the dissonance I have come to find normal in my daily living. I am here to become distinct.

  3. I am here because of nothing but a miracle. My Father saw a reason and purpose for me, one that I’m working to understand greater every day. I am here because of my wife and true friends that answered an inner calling to never give up on me. I was lost, I’ve been found, now I’m seeking wisdom and clarity on the path He’s guiding me down. I am here to truly identify who Brice is. Why I’m here and what I’m going to do. I am here to become the very best version of myself, not someone else.

  4. I am here because I’ve finally stopped running from who I am, and into chronic pain. I’m here to progress forward to become fully alive through daily, acute, uncomfortable work. I’m here because of Grace and I’m so grateful for the opportunity ahead.

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