Taylor Scott


— The youngest of 4 siblings in the Scott family. I was raised by my parents becoming built to lead. I finished college at THE Ohio State University and achieved my bachelors in finance. Then I became an apprentice of Built to Lead learning and studying about how to be a builder and now I’m currently a Builder in action.
— Analytical and enjoy thinking before I speak.
— A deliberator. I wrestle with problems and complex ideas. I question things. I try to understand
things to the best of my ability through constantly learning and evolving of thought.
— Loyal and caring to my small circle of people that I give my time to.
— A lover of pets and animals.
— A lover of playing sports. I played soccer all my life including my Freshman year at Indiana
Wesleyan University.
— A lover of memories not locations.

I believe I have found my purpose in my responsibility and I am proud, humbled, and thankful to wake up every morning with the freedom to do so in this nation.

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