Chet Scott

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IMG_0725I was born in 1959 and am a child of God and son of Chet and Marie. I am saved by Grace. I am a son whose parents demonstrated God’s grace. And, I am a man still learning how to do the same…
I am married to Miss since 1982 and father to four.
I am friend to a few and “truth teller” to many.
I went to school for a number of years and learned a little.
I worked and led at CompuServe for 20 and learned a little more.
I “woke up” in 1993 and discovered my life’s OPUS.
I founded BUILT TO LEAD in 2002, began my builder’s journey of sorts, and started to learn a ton.
I LOVE this work,  I LOVE this life, and I’m getting better at facing my FEARs.
I am a house divided. And,slowly and painstakingly becoming ONE.
I am a sugar addict.
I am embracing truth in LOVE. Telling, not so much on hearing.
I am poison and wine, bitter and sweet, and so are my relationships.
I am keenly aware when betrayed, clueless when I do the same.
I am a perpetual student and demanding builder.
I am an artist and an entrepreneur.
I am a builder for a few and fixated on mastery.
I am clear, concise, and direct. Oftentimes seen as COLD.
I am a challenge and a challenger of others. I LOVE making people do what they can.
I am Toto. Good luck getting me back in my basket.
I am a work in process..
God, help me.