Kitty Allen

image I AM:
— A child of God by grace
— A loving mother to 4 unique individuals
— Blessed to have shared 27 years with Larry
— Strong, encouraging, positive

–I am an investor in people

— Not afraid, analytical, intuitive
— Excited by the unknown and the yet to be

— A Builder, a Teacher, a Marketplace Leader who found her calling as a Spiritual   Entrepreneur

To build strong Kingdom leaders.

I am LIVING my OPUS out of great LOVE through my two platforms of work and life…
— Through Built to Lead, where I build and serve leaders and teams who are ready for the challenge of our process.
— Through the ministry of Primemovers, where I lead, build and serve as President of this growing international ministry that unleashes high impact players to advance God’s agenda in the world.

Primemovers is a 6-session transformational, customized discipleship program for leaders of influence. This proven process connects leaders with their unique calling from God and activates them to pursue their Holy Ambition for exponential Kingdom impact.

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