John Rue

…………………….    ..      …..John..            …………………...Who I am:

JohnHusband since ’83 to Connie, and father to Chuck & Carly

An over-achiever early & often

Eternally transformed by God’s comfort & grace after the sudden loss of our first-born 3 yr old  son

Seasoned executive after 15 years in Corporate America

Became a wiser GuRue after 10 more years as a full-time pastor

Joined BUILT TO LEAD in 2008… still in the faith-business helping leaders become stronger believers and master connectors

My purpose is helping leaders & teams relate to WHY they live & work, WHO they are, and HOW to fully engage with clarity and alignment in work & life — and in doing so discovering and living out their OPUS

There are basically two ways to live & work — one is “A-LONE” and the other is “ALL-ONE” —  but one huge ‘L of a difference

The extra “L” is L-OVE — of why you do what you do and who you do it with in work & life  — this is at the heart of our “Together we Improve” tagline at Built To Lead — 24/7

  Full Bio

John Rue    |    614.402.3267