John Rue

JRR 2017An over-achiever early & often, I started my career alongside Chet at CompuServe in 1982 and led 15 years in Corporate America before spending the next 10 years as a non-denominational pastor.

Chet and I re-united in 2003 while he was writing the playbooks for the emerging BUILT TO LEAD framework.  I joined BTL full-time in 2008 as a builder for marketplace and non-profit leaders to become stronger believers and master connectors with their teams.

My purpose is helping others build a strong CORE with clarity, depth, comprehensiveness, significance and alignment in work & life as they relate to:

  • why they are here
  • who they are, and
  • how to discover and live out their OPUS.

I believe there are two extreme ways to live & work — one is “A-LONE” and the other is “ALL-ONE” — one huge ‘L of a difference. The extra “L” is the L-OVE of work & life.  It’s the heart of our tagline, “Together We Transform”.

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