David Deck

img_8846Born in 1973, the middle brother of 5 left-handed boys.

Married in 2001 to a tenderhearted spitfire and my soul mate.

Father to the world’s greatest 3 kids.

A beautiful ruin and passionate fool.

A strategic idealist who is unreasonably aspirational and perpetuates improvement.

Uniquely equipped to do this work:

  • An educator by degree, teacher and coach at heart, taught me the fundamental principles, psychology and science of teaching AND learning.
  • A former professional soccer player, taught me the value and importance of hard work, preparation, dedication, and commitment.
  • A successful executive with progressive experience building, growing, running, and evolving businesses from $1M (5 employees) to $100M (+200 employees) taught me how to help others along their journey.

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