Rachel Hanson

Rachel I AM:
— The oldest of 4 amazingly different siblings, daughter of two committed and caring parents. Born to lead, contrarian by nature, tender once you get past the tough.
— A partner to an incredibly driven and uniquely wonderful woman who makes the mundane magical and constantly reminds me of what it means to be fully alive. Tender to my tough and tough to my tender.
— A driven achiever and do-doer by nature, learning to slow down, love freely, listen deeply and lead with trust.
— In love with the epic, with big dreams and deep passions.
— A fearless builder (never a guru) of a few. A few leaders, a few teams, a few world changers.
— A challenger to my core. Never satisfied with the status quo and committed to meeting others where they’re at.
— Far too quick to anger, learning to be self controlled AND a passionate defender of justice, especially for those less able to fight.
— A progressive localist.
— An outlier and an upstream swimmer.
— Direct in style, caring in my intention, often unaware when I’m too much for another.
— A 12 year college head coach, walked away from the dream job after pulling back the curtain. Forever proud of the strong women and lasting relationships that were built, together.
— Forever chasing excellence and committing to mastery.
— A secret prankster who finds joy in silly moments.
— Getting clarity and closer alignment between my beliefs and my behaviors.
— Forever a work in progress.
— A hiker, snowboarder, backpacker, explorer and in love with the outdoors.

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