Mike Schott

Jiggles I AM:
— Born in 1987
— So lucky to have found my soul mate during a 7 good minutes BTL practice
— Soon to be a father to Beck in October 2020
— An activator of people and ideas
— Experienced in real estate, fundraising, start ups, building people and teams, social impact investing and philanthropy
— However, I am no longer attaching my identity to my accomplishments like I did for the majority of my adult life, but rather drawing my identity from my core
— A believer in the positive sum game of private capital and social impact investing
— A believer in the power of entrepreneurship
— Deeply convicted that giving the gift of Built to Lead by an owner or investor will have a ROI beyond any financial impact you can imagine. And it will also drive superior financial returns as well.
— No longer a prisoner to my anxiety as a result of integrating the the Built to Lead framework into my life
— A builder of the next generation of entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders
— Always down for an adventure and love all things outdoors
— Always striving to put the highest good first
— Always going to work really hard, do as much good as possible, and have the most fun doing it
— On a never ending journey to become a master in the art of living

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