Day 90 (Practice 231)…

Today marks my final of thirty-one blog posts for the month of March.  It also marks the end of my twelfth month as a BTL builder.  As I hand over the daily writing to David, so too will my apprenticeship as a builder be handed over from Gu to DD. Moments such as these offer good opportunities for reflection, so here are some “truths” I’ve encountered over the last month(s).

Daily writing is hard. Daily writing for public consumption is even harder, and scary. Like most things that are hard and scary, the more I did it, the easier it got.  Keep doing hard and scary thing; that’s how you grow.

Build your core. Life is hard and is going to throw some real adversity your way. Do the work today to be ready for challenges tomorrow.  My core is stronger than it used to be and still needs to be stronger to become the man I imagine I might be one day. I know I haven’t faced life’s biggest tests, so I’m working to be ready for them.

Count your blessings. The past year has only been marginally more tumultuous for me than it has been for many of us (and less so than for some). With all the upheaval has come an enormous amount of love. To the band, my family, friends, and the entire BTL community: your grace, support, belief, and love have been an unending source of energy and inspiration.

No one is meant to go it alone. John Rue, there are no words for everything you have provided me these past twelve months. You will always be my mentor. Chet, your generosity is boundless. Many (other) hearts stopped on Saturday upon hearing of your event.  We are looking forward to seeing you back in the saddle soon. Jennifer, your love has been my harbor in this year of storm. I vow to provide the same love and protection for you, always.  

We are meant to finish strong. I believe my best writing, building, and loving are all ahead of me. How about you? What truths has the last year revealed to you?

3 thoughts on “Day 90 (Practice 231)…

  1. Thank you, Andrew. I’ve learned a ton from you this past month and appreciate every word, as I know how hard writing is and I’m so thankful you took the time and effort to put your words and life down. Thank you.

  2. Andrew…much love brother. It is hard to connect with people when everything is normal. In today’s current environment with our inability to travel and ‘connect’ with others face to face it is really hard to build individual relationships…but you did that with me. Over the last month I got to spend time with the band each week, and read the daily BTL readings along with your writings and it has made me much closer to you as a person…so, from just one person out here – thanks Andrew! Your time, energy and effort are greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing your life for all to see!
    You connected with me. And I am listening.
    Be good. Do good. Be with.

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