Day 92: Jackie and Branch…

This morning, my fellow builders and I, listened to Chet recall his experience from last Saturday when his heart was under attack. It was quite surreal to listen to one of my dearest friends explain how, at one point during all of the chaos, he acknowledged to God that he was ready to come home, but didn’t want to go. I’ve been thinking about that all day.

Am I ready? Is my house in order? Have a done all I can do with what I’ve been given? Am I making the most of every day? The answer is ‘no’, I still have more work to do. How about you?

Jackie was ready when Branch sized him up. “Do you know why you were brought here?” was a loaded question. If you’ve read Becoming Built To Lead, or been in a BTL practice with a builder, I’m sure you’ve been asked a similar question regarding why you’re here. Just like Branch, we don’t ask this question lightly because knowing who you are, what you believe and why it matters… matters. Knowing the answers to these questions gets you ready…

Ready to stand up for what you believe in. Ready to sit down when it’s not your place. Ready to have that tough conversation. Ready to humble yourself when you’re the tough conversation to be had with. Ready to forgive… yourself and others. Ready to say “no” to this. Ready to say “yes” to that. Ready to receive love. Ready to give more.

Don’t wait another day. Take a step towards getting ready. Don’t wait.

1 thought on “Day 92: Jackie and Branch…

  1. Thank you, DD, for this good rant. Thank you for the love this morning in and after Band practice. Thank you for the reminder that together we love better, together we live better. Together. So much more to live in and through our OPUS. Love lives on.

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