Day 94: Bob and John…

Finding your voice is a battle. Finding your band is too. Both will be a part of your builders journey. Let me tell you a more relatable story about the 049ONE5 band.

Mike (aka Floppy) was the second person to hire me back in February of 2016. We’ve been finding our voices and banding together ever since. Along the way, him and his trusted right-hand woman Marlo, realized they needed a new sound added to the band, if you will. So they began looking for just the right pitch. Enter Paula.

Her energy was infectious, her disposition was a delight. She made people laugh and shared a tear when a cry was needed. Jackpot! Even though she was new to the industry, an unproven rookie, they took the bet. However, over time it became clear the learning curve on the brass tacts side of things was just too steep. You could hear it in her voice and see it in her body language. Frazzled, flustered and off-beat more days than not. A change needed to be made.

Mike shared with Paula that she has the heart but not the talent. Ouch. Truth in love still hurts. So she joined another band and off she went. Mike, Marlo and I {re}circled the wagons, discussed what we needed, went out and found another band mate who definitely had the chops. She was a vet, a pro in the all the ways you want and need. She knew the system back and forth and got plugged in right way. Yahtzee! This time, however, we needed to share that there’s more to our music than just playing notes. A change needed to be made… again. Ugh.

Low and behold, Marlo in her infinite wisdom, reached back out to Paula to see how things were going now 3 years later. Paula had grown. She did not throw herself a pity party when told she didn’t have the talent. Nope, it’s not her style. She doubled down on the learning, practiced like a banshee and got better. Way better. She was still the infectious, delightful, soul on fire – now she could play too. Game over.

The 049ONE5 band has been on personal journey’s to find their individual voices AND they’re learning to play to together. What about you? Are you kicking your own or phoning it in? Are you going at it a lone or banding together with a few? Both is the ONE you want. Do more, think less… good.

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