Day 95: The gap trap…

At the beginning of this year I asked a few teams “what are you going to improve upon from 2020?” A large portion of the responses from my highly productive and responsible friends involved something to do with learning to let go or delegate better. It’s just a fact that these types of people are guilty of creating giant performance gaps between them and their teams by doing more, if not most, of the heavy lifting.

You see, a lot of leaders were once the best do’er and that’s what got them promoted. But alas, look at what that can create if we don’t recognize what got you here won’t get you there. And then, when you need to build a better, stronger, next generation FAST, you don’t/can’t because… well… you’ve got work to do.

Yeah, yeah, yeah {you’re thinking}… this may be true but things just aren’t that easy. Nothing worthwhile ever really is, now it is? It’s hard to find the balance between doing great work and developing young talent. Fact. So here are some questions to help you on your journey to close the gap:

  • What’s your job? What are you supposed to be doing? What should you be handing off?
  • What’s getting in the way?
  • What needs to happen or change to make this possible?
  • What guardrails do you need to put into place to keep this from going off the tracks?
  • Why is this important?

Seek this clarity, and be disciplined in your efforts if you’ve got work to do. This is the focus, attention and effort of LEADERship. Good.

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