Day 225 – Defining failure/success…

Today’s BBTL book entry focuses on mindset and Carol Dweck‘s book of the same name. In Mindset, Dweck defines a fixed mindset as believing features such as intelligence, personality and character are mostly fixed, brought about through birth and environment.  In contrast, a growth mindset allows for one’s ability to reach, stretch, fail and learn from life‘s challenges.  A fixed mindset aims low, in order to avoid losing, while a growth mindset aims high, in order to ensure learning.

The timing of Chet’s entry could not have been better.

As you may have gathered from reading this blog over the past seven months, the BTL band of builders meets via Zoom every Friday morning at 8:00 sharp.  For DD and CF in St. Lou, that means 7 bells.  And for the west coast Love Cat, that’s (gulp!) FIVE AM  (something tells me our Spartan thinks nothing of it).

These practices, usually 90 minutes or so, are pure gold.  And not the kind of gold you need to dig deeply for — but instead, the bright and shiny nuggets you see glistening in the shallow stream, before you even dip your pan.  The transparency, openness and ONEness of this band is a special sight to behold — literally. 

This morning, as I stared at the ten faces, all “Brady Bunched” together on my laptop screen, it struck me what an optimistic, growth mindset group we have.  You see, this band truly cares about…no… LOVES each other, and that love makes it a safe space to share with a depth and breadth that’s most rare. 

My comment to the band this morning, as I studied everyone’s face at once, was that every member of our band has a builder’s journey worthy of its own season on Netflix.  The challenges we’ve all faced are as unique and diverse as you can imagine.  Epic adventures, all.  We are, as our purpose statement reads, “distinct…distinct AND deeply connected.”

And I believe what connects us, the common thread that runs through every one of our stories, is optimism — a growth mindset, if you wish — that enables each to run toward their fire, lean into it, fight it, fall, fail and keep fighting it, and grow stronger because of it.  We share a belief that real strength comes precisely from the struggle.

I’ve listened to each builder share their story, often through tears.  But tears can hide the shoot in their eyes — the steadfast resolve, the unwavering determination, and the genuine HOPE that fuels their journey.  Believe you me, it’s inspiring AND contagious. 

How about you, leader?  How’s your mindset?  You certainly don’t need me to tell you about sh-t hitting the fan.   Sh-t hits everyone’s fan.  The real question is whether your mindset slows your fan blades or speeds them up.   Fixed or growth?   Hopeless or hopeful?

3 thoughts on “Day 225 – Defining failure/success…

  1. Beautiful, Brownie. As always from your pen! This morning was sacred space, almost more so than most Band practices. I heard a clear melody line that focused on the importance of knowing what we are fighting for and why. Our MOT’s clarify this for us, in real time, on our Builder’s journey. I heard full commitment, ‘all in’ from our Band and I now know what we each are willing to fight for. And I also saw the beauty of how we fight together for one another. TLC called it… ‘Nang’. Another language. Same truth.

  2. DB – Yes. Blessed and fortunate to have started ‘Discovery’ before the current storm. Thank you to the Band for clarity. This is a ‘moment of truth’. BBTL is paying HUGE dividends to me and those I love dearly…Yes. I do love all of you…
    Together We Transform. ALWAYS. TOGETHER.

  3. I love you, Brownie. You are such a humble and gracious friend. You captured our band practice masterfully.

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