Day 306 Meditation and Musing

The Sermon on the Mount. This is my favorite guided mediation. ‘One day’ when you have nothing to do just put your headphones on and listen to this. First, more powerful words have never been spoken. Second, watch your mind and how difficult it is to truly stay focused on the message. One must train their mind to focus…but out of this focus comes – clarity.

1 thought on “Day 306 Meditation and Musing

  1. Amen, brother Jim. This is my favorite, and most challenging meditation, as well. For me, it is impossible to do this without God’s grace and provision, however it is a pathway filled with blessings as we are able to live out Jesus’ teaching by His grace. Oneness. Fully surrendered to God’s agenda. Willing to love those who hate us, who oppose us. I’m a work in progress in this. However, what an impact this would have in our world today if we lived this PA of Jesus, truly?

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