My dear Brother and Builder, Pete…

A few months ago, I was given an incredible opportunity to do a 48-hour darkness meditation. The morning that I was going into the meditation just happened to be on a Friday. Fridays are my favorite day of the week because that is the day that there is a “Band” practice. All the Builders here at BTL all gather and meet on zoom. It is and always will be a sacred time for me. Sacred…but I digress. On this particular morning, I was feeling a little uneasy about what I was about to try and do. I was not doing it to “find myself” or to have some “peace” or to “clear my head”. No. I was doing it to spend time with Jesus. I was going to go in and just sit and listen…with a caveat. I had decided to sneak in a copy of “The Imitation of Christ” by Thomas Kempis. I also snuck in a small red-light headlamp so that I would be able to read it in the dark. Despite having read as many of the “spiritual classics” that I could get my hands on, somehow, I had never read this book.

At some point during the practice, Pete mentioned that he was reading “The Imitation of Christ”, I jumped in my seat! “Pete, I am taking that into my meditation with me!”

And so I did. Once inside, it took me a while, not sure how long, to push all the bullshit that is always hovering around in my mind, out of the way. Then a whole new world opened up to me. I meditate almost daily and have done so for several years…but this was…different. Much different. After many hours my mind and heart calmed and I decided to start reading the book.

I opened it and the first line was:

“He who follows Me, walks not in darkness.”

For real? Yes, for real. As I continued to read this powerful and beautiful book it was “as if” Pete was right next to me reading along with me. Then I realized, he was.

Thank you, Brother Pete for modeling the way. Thank you for being my friend, my brother, my Builder and fellow Follower.

You are a great inspiration to me.

And I love you with all of my broken and battered heart.

Together We Transform – always, always TOGETHER.

Brother Pete – I am your ally, in this life and the next,



PS Pete, I told you I would send this to you…but I have re-read it twice since then. I’ll send it to you when I read it one more time!

2 thoughts on “My dear Brother and Builder, Pete…

  1. Well said. Thank you

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  2. Beautiful. Together we transform. Always together…

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