My way IS the highway…

Leaders are believers. Everything at BUILT TO LEAD builds around this thought. Today was our first “Pastors” session of 2007. There were more great ideas being thrown around than usual. We watched my favorite part of Walk The Line when Sam Phillips tells Johnny Cash…”I don’t believe you.” Johnny Cash was trying to sing something that was popular at the time and Sam smelled him out. Through the course of the movie you can watch Johnny Cash begin to find his voice. He begins slowly to believe in much the same way you and I do. He looks like a different Johnny when he tells the Columbia Record Executives that he’s going to Folsum. By now…he has “shoot” in his eyes. He is starting to become “the man in black” not just another guy in the back.

Are you a highly paid laborer or someone who is living their OPUS?

Does your family sense your OPUS as clearly as your team at work?

Are you believable?

Are you finding your authentic voice or just singing what you think is marketable?

Are you Curious George and my way IS the highway?

Are you leading from your strong CORE or just reacting to life day to day?

My way IS the highway is only one word away from normal. Check us out next week and see why one word is a world away.

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