Distracted to Death

We often cite the sad statistic from Gallup’s annual survey of American workers, that perennially shows only 25-30% of workers say they are “engaged” at work. The remaining majority report they are not engaged or actively (negatively) disengaged.

I sometimes wonder if that’s about as good as it’s going to get–is that the state of humanity in America in the post-modern, distracted, depressed, drugged, and depraved era we’re in? If Gallup asked their question about engagement with LIFE, would they get a better answer? I wonder…

I think the cause of “disengagement” is distraction, which I define as a rootless, meaningless inability to commit the mind, heart, and consciousness on the reality of the present moment. This inability to focus has many symptoms, but one root cause: a lack of belief that life has any real meaning or purpose.

I know a lot of sad people wandering from one momentary pleasure to another or, from one worry to another or, from one regret to another. Without the center of gravity coming from a core purpose for our lives, and belief in its meaningfulness, our life force dissipates away from the present moment towards disintegration. What feeble energy we can muster is sucked away from us by the meager attractive power of this, that, or the other thing.

Why have reported rates of depression shot up from 3% at the turn of the 20th century to 65% at the turn of the 21st? Has the genome changed? Have we all lost some important neurotransmitter all at once? Or have we lost faith that a life of meaning and purpose is possible? What do you think?

This moment is all we have. Life occurs in this instant, not in the future, nor in the past, nor in the sideways distractions that pull us away from this moment and kill off our life force. The past is gone–regret is a prison; forgiveness is the key. The future is not ours–worry is captivity; trust is the release.

But trust in WHAT?

Leaders, BUILD your purpose! Anchor it in belief.

WHO are you?

WHOSE are you?

WHY are you here?

WHERE are you going?

WHAT do you believe in?

If you believe, there’s a chance your followers might catch that belief. Otherwise…

Who cares?

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