Overwhelmed – Part 2

There is an important paradox in the story and wisdom Toto just shared in Overwhelmed.

Do NOT miss this.   It’s HUGE.

Most clients when they are “overwhelmed” cancel the very kind of meeting they need the most, e.g. the kind of meeting Toto’s client did NOT cancel with him this morning.

Years ago after putting off my spiritual mentor because I felt overwhelmed, he taught me a life-long lesson: “OVERwhelmed means UNDERengaged.”  UNDERengaged is a detour off the Builder’s Journey to a dead-end, anxiety-ridden destination called A-LONE.

Check out this story.  A quirky genius of a psychiatrist routinely answers his phone to take client calls in the middle of sessions with other clients. On one particular occasion, my friend’s session was interrupted by a caller who was audibly weeping. She was calling to cancel her afternoon session because she was too overwhelmed to come in. My friend was startled by the doctor’s matter-of-fact response to the caller. “Susan, I understand you feel too overwhelmed to meet with me today, but I have a question for you. If you were bleeding profusely right now, what would you do?” Taken aback by the question, Susan answered “Well, of course I would call 911 and go right to the hospital.” The doctor smiled and replied, “Good, well then of course I will see you at 2:30pm for our scheduled appointment” and hung up.

Overwhelmed means Underengaged.

This week we received an unintended complement from an outside marketing agency who is working with one of our clients to help them get more clarity and alignment in their brand identity.  As part of their discovery, they had interviewed dozens of our client’s associates to get their views.

“We study companies large & small all over the country, and you have a culture here which is rare.      Even though everyone here is super busy, they share a strong sense of purpose and feel deeply connected.”

The CEO and his team smiled, nodded, and told them about BUILT TO LEAD and where have come after years of practice.   “Oh,” said the marketing agency consultant, “you have a culture doctor.   Hardly anyone else does that.”

Most think they are too overwhelmed, but the truth is they are too disengaged.

What kind of culture do you want? Your choices have consequences.

Part of the DISCIPLINE needed to become ALL-ONE within and with your team is TIME with the kind of builder who, like my spiritual mentor, will make you WRITE to get more clarity, draw you out so you can hear what you are thinking, ask you questions you’re not asking yourself, and begin to see your way forward with a lightened load on your Builder’s Journey.

Overwhelmed means Underengaged.    Together We Improve.

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