Productive disciplines…

My productive disciplines for 2016 are a work in process. I’m sharing them with the hopes that, for some of you, they will spur you on to clarifying your own. Most of these are already productive disciplines for me. For instance, I’ve been reading 2 new and re-reading 3 for quite awhile. I list this again as a reminder to me to continue what is working. I don’t list everything over and over – only the most bolted on, if that makes sense. Happy New Year, friend. Here are my most recent rinse of productive disciplines. Good.

Invest 20-30 minutes everyday in the Bible. Write how I’m applying and giving it away.
Pray without thinking. Pray for Miss, every child, every client, our country, company, and specific circumstances as they come.
Practice gratitude daily. Write daily in my “gratitude journal.”
3PP 3 times a week. Make these acutely painful. Good.
Walk dogs with Miss whenever she wants. Initiate early and often.
Build awareness of Missi’s bids and move toward as the default. Learn her. Like her. Laugh with her. LOVE her. Make her feel like the bride/beauty that I see. Be with. She is always worth it…
Talk over text as default. TALK.
Call Mom once a week.
Write about what I’m learning at least 6 days/week.

Under distress, catch my little voice and change it. The default is good. Good.
Eat red meat no more than twice/week. God, help me.
Enjoy three alcoholic drinks or less/week.
Cycle whenever it’s warm. E Z P Z is the default. Feel the joy and beauty all around. No more than 2 hard rides/week.
Golf 25 times or more in 2016. Again, enjoy the beauty.
Hike in Ohio, Arizona, Colorado, and at least one other country in 2016.  Beauty, again.
Follow Dr. Kanodia’s instructions and re-evaluate after year end. Embrace the pain.
Find more ways to support Young Life’s ministry.
Read 2 new books/month. Re-read 3 books/month. Study. Learn. Apply.
Surprise Miss, Mom, and each of our children at least once in 2016 with something I’ve planned specifically for them.
Rewrite both 12 & 8 playbooks in 2016. Rinse with the band.
Challenge clients every conversation. Study them to the point of mastery. Tune in like an animal being stalked. Speak ccd.
Celebrate small victories with clients each week. Practice tender, compassionate moments. Look for them.
Make FD a builder by year end. Make him better than he believes he can be.
Eat mor Chikin…

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