Today, with a leadership team in only their second practice together as a leadership team, we went back over what we learned in practice one around our fears. We went, well, a lot deeper. We made these fears a bit more real, you see. I kinda made them go there because it’s my job. They had already been through the drill and knew the answers. They didn’t know my intentions until they took themselves out of their comfort zones, the masks were off, and we were knee deep into elephants long buried in this very room. Today, trust was built with this team. I didn’t have to curse, either. Good.

Your team, just like you, is filled with fear. Normal. Talking it out, coming alongside the overwhelmed, and working it out by acting into it is the freakin’ fear fighter you gotta have. Today, we learned how OG earned her name and it was good. Lead anything and you better dig deep within and dig deep with your team to help them fight fear. Leaders, remember, don’t have to have all the answers. The best of the best simply take the time to listen, come alongside, and before we know it, we’re in it and working our way through it.

Today, talk with your team. As Durp would encourage, keep it real and raw. He’s right. Focus on your team and through your belief, help them find theirs. No easy way. No simple recipes. It takes time, being with, and digging in with them. Good. Your teams performance goes as high as the depth of your trust. In the end, it is all about trust. Today, we built some. How ’bout you?

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