The inevitable…

Two hundred years ago, 70% of Americans were employed in one place – the farm. Today, less than 1% of us work the soil. Today the most populated position in America is driving some kinda truck. According to Kevin Kelly in his well researched book titled The Inevitable, by 2050 most of these trucks will be driven by another form of intelligence – AI. Sounds kinda cra until you think about what’s going on with the Google car and anything Elon Musk puts on the road. Think your job is safe from being displaced in the coming twenty or thirty years? Think again.

Unless you become elite at your craft, someone or something is sure to replace you and sooner than you think. Don’t worry, your job won’t be headed to China or India – those places are too far away and soon to be way too expensive. Don’t go to the library btw, in search of the answer. I mean come on man, who goes to the library nowadays. Just ask your favorite form of AI – Google it.

The inevitable disruption is coming your way, if it hasn’t already. Masters will survive and even thrive as they make enabling technologies their friend. The best way to predict your future is to build mastery in your craft and make sure your masterpiece requires a humans touch. Master your craft, friend. Never stop. Good…

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