Human experiences…

Technology wants to drive prices to zero. Just look at the cost of computing and any high tech gear. Try to find an example where we’re paying more today – not gonna happen. So, if technology is driving whatever commodity your selling down whether its collecting a debt, renting an apartment, buying transportation, insurance, money management, or anything else the consumer is commoditizing (at least in their mind), what’s one to do?

Well, one, could learn a bit from my recent purchase in the commodity now known as music. I subscribe to Spotify and can listen to any artist (no Taylor Swift for now) for nothing. Nada. Zippo. Zero. Music, if you will, has been made into a free commodity for you and I to consume ad infinitum. Guess it sucks to be a musician, huh.

Nope, not really. You see while technology wants to drive commodity prices down it can’t touch the value of experience. The value of experience is rising. Skyrocketing, one could say. According to Kevin Kelly in his intriguing read, The Inevitable we are paying a premium for experiences. Spending at bars has increased almost double digits in the past year alone. Babysitting costs are going, literally, through the roof at a national average of $15/hour. We are willing to pay for human experiences. We are in fact, starved for them. Good news for me and my colleagues, this translates directly to the profession of coaching. Coaching and the dispensing of “deeply personal attention” are among the fastest growing professions in the world of work. Good to know…

We value experiences; commodities, not so much. Whatever you’re selling, friend, you had better focus on creating a unique experience. Your consumer is commoditizing whatever they can and if you want to stay alive in the years to come you’re gonna have to keep them with an ever evolving array of experiences. Humans value human experiences the most. Focus here, friend. Focus here.

And, just to be clear, it doesn’t really suck to be a musician. Concert prices have increased 400% since 1981. The music is free. The concert experience is gonna cost you. No duh. Miss and I just paid a ridiculous sum of money to purchase 4th row seats to Coldplay playing live on Soldier Field, Chicago. We paid a premium for the experience. We loved it, even the unplanned part of singing in the rain. Turns out it’s a great time to be a musician. Just make sure you put on quite a show – rain or shine!

Your customers value experiences. What kinda show you giving ’em? Good…

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