No stability without volatility…

This Labor Day I challenge you to remember a significant truth about your labor. There is no stability without volatility. Do not get too comfortable in whatever is your work. Embrace the adversity. Fires dissipate without obstacles in their path. You lose energy, too, when whatever you’re working toward does not push back and make you do what you can. Fact.

I just returned from a wedding trip to Pella, Iowa. Beautiful little village with two private companies over 1 billion in revenues (Pella Windows & Vermeer). Walking through the Vermeer museum, you couldn’t help but be amazed at the adversity this company turned into fuel for their fire. What didn’t kill them, you know, made them stronger. And, next time you drive by a farm and notice some nice and tight, circular bales of hay, know you’re likely looking at the result of another Vermeer innovation – the worlds first circular baler. From the back breaking reality of throwing rectangular bales of hay to a nice tight bale thrown out the back a Vermeer baler, was a genius idea from a normal, everyday farmer willing to shake up the status quo.¬†There is no stability without volatility. Go ahead, friend. Run with your idea. Take the risk. Back in the day, innovators, oftentimes, had to risk it all. Not so today.

I just enjoyed a new product from the paleochef. Found her, through my bride, on Instagram. Her Phat Fudge goes great in my coffee and as a low sugar substitute on my bike. She created her new line of food products because her digestive system was beyond volatile – it was a wreck. Combating her food allergies led to her new career. Her newfound stability came through her digestive volatility. So, friend, enjoy your Labor Day. Look around. Your next adversity just might be fuel for your idea. No stability without volatility. Good…

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