Life is but a song…

Musical composers are the one’s who most typically will refer to their type of work as their opus… their “labor of love” and/or a “work of art”.  In an effort to understand the depth of this so called “labor” and “work”, I discovered this little, but very telling, nugget…

Tuning a piano requires making minute adjustments to the tension of the strings to properly align the intervals between their tones.  Say what?  In other words, it’s not just about finding the right pitch of an individual string, it’s about finding the right relationship between several strings and their individual notes. This gets awfully overwhelming when you consider there are 88 notes with over 30 adjustments per note and between 225 and 235 strings that each have an individual tuning pin.

Now a composer has to completely understand this “tuning process” for the piano AND all of the other instruments composing their song.  We can most certainly agree that is some serious WORK.  But don’t miss this, this is HUGE… the composers don’t call it ‘work’, they call it their OPUS because they attached to a positive source of energy (love) and a bigger purpose (art) to it.  That, my friends, makes their work feel more like… well… a song.

Writing out our “song”, what we want our work and life to be about, is hard work… living it is even harder.  The ultimate goal for us all is to have our “song” become our Magnum Opus, our greatest work.  So leaders out there, are you constantly fine tuning yourself first and most?  Are you connecting passions and purpose to your work?  Are you helping the rest of the band find their melody or just play the notes?  Tell me more my friends, tell me more…

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