Power of purpose…

Today, a team of fourteen took to practice two. This time everyone was on time. We started early. Good. We began with why I’m here, to bookend our start to practice one – why are you here. I gave them my purpose as follows:

“To Awaken, Challenge, and together Transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders into ONE. ONE, distinct, deeply connected, and BTL.” They fired questions for clarity and asked questions to determine my credibility. We built some trust. We spoke and listened, read and wrote. We learned about the justice thread and practiced 7 good minutes. Ninety minutes flew by in a blink as we tasted the very sweet essence of flow.

Prior to this team practice, I had been watching some Dylan with another team of two. A “stuck” teammate became unstuck by learning the magic in throwing up vs. holding it in. This teammate is a structure and order genius. He’s learning that to become an entrepreneur in work/life, he’s got to embrace sfumato and learn to value vision over visibility. His partner gets it and is humbly lending a hand. Laughter has replaced loathing. So good to see.

Finally, today’s practice trifecta ended with a young lad learning that there is real power in  repenting, repairing, and taking responsibility. Of course it’s not fair. Of course your justice thread is gonna get sideways. Man up, I reminded him. Man up. Absorb. Lead anything, friend, and you’re gonna learn to lead when your sense of justice has been wronged. Leaders, remember, are master repairmen/women. Of course, this isn’t fair. Of course, this isn’t normal. Elite teams are led by elite leaders who are strong enough in their CORE to keep moving themselves,and the team, forward even when they’ve been somewhat wronged.

Today, was filled with learning I can use. Today, three teams took baby steps toward becoming ONE, distinct, and deeply connected. Today, I was a catalyst for good, growth, and getting better. Tomorrow, we’ll do it again. I can hardly wait. That, my friend, is the power of purpose. Good…

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