Chances are we’ve all dreamt of being a star.  When we were young, it started out with wanting gold stars on our homework or being the “star of the week”.  As we got a little older we aspired to be the star athlete, a movie or rock star.  Then when we got a real job, we fought to become an all-star performer on the team.  And if your like me, once you became the manager, boss, 5 star restaurant, president or C.I’m.Important, you loved being the star.  

According to NASA, a star is a big ball of gas.  Funny huh?  Our aim pointed us towards becoming full of hot air.  Some stars, better knowns as supernovas, get fed up with that ever elusive limelight and chose to change their focus.  These few pull all of their energy inward until it explodes.  Crazy right?  But the transformation is undeniable because the results are a CORE center that burns brighter and hotter than before.  Freakin’ magic!

Stardom is stardumb if you ask me.  The ONE you want is supernova baby!  Focus inward friends, build your CORE, commit to a purpose and take action.  Good.

2 thoughts on “Supernova

  1. I love the metaphor of the Supernova! That’s you for sure, on fire, exploding into a massive energy system and ready to attract some Bigger Supernovas! Keep Writing!

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