Practice 3…

Today, during practice 3 with a Chitown team becoming more united, we covered some great ground together. We tasted some flow, learned some Latin, invested time with our SEAL buddies, practiced being curious and challenging, and learned the recipe for removing chronic pain by embracing the acute pain. And, we learned there ain’t nobody good enough to take us to the promised land of performance. If we want to perform to our capacity, we got to figure out what’s limited us and own it. Only the autotelic got a prayer.

According to the Greeks and their research back in the day, humans could be divided into two big buckets. The vast majority were “exotelic.” Translation. Exotelic (others goal) performers let others set their aim. These humans, driven by what others told them and thought about them, were set up to pursue metrics and measures they could not control. Oftentimes, these kinda folks are motivated to hit some artificial milestones until, after hitting ’em for so long, they grow tired of the chase, practice, or even performance. Others goals only work for awhile.

The few, those that authored their own goal, were called “autotelic.” By definition auto (self) and telos (goal) combined for the ultimate victory within. When you set a goal that means something to you, enables your overarching vision, and aligns with who you’ve decided you are in your CORE, your interior space, you are becoming more self authorizing, more autotelic. Good. You are meant to be autotelic and be in community with distinctly different people. Autonomous and in community. Become and belong, remember.

Today, during practice 3, we built some trust with a team I’m beginning to believe. Today, I told one teammate a few hard truths because I believe he is capable of so much more than he’s contributing. I want him to catch a bigger dream and then do. He’s stuck trying to simply do, do, do, and do some mo. He laughed as he realized he put himself on the do do trail. Today, he woke up a bit. Now he’s got to choose the harder work of dreaming again and catching fire.

You, friend, gotta choose. Are you gonna let your brain limit your performance by playing it safe and comfortable, or, are you gonna juice it with something big, something crazy, something that lights you up, and something you’re not sure you got in you? You choose. Your choices have consequences. Everyday I awaken, challenge, and together transform a few – Everyday, because I want to. I’m headed back to cbus in a few hours so I can get up and do it again tomorrow. Nobody’s looking over my shoulder and telling me what I ought to do. Nobody’s gotta motivate me to re-read a little Peak, by Ericsson on the flight home. Nobody’s gonna set my goal for each of tomorrow’s practice. I’m gonna be prepared prior and let it flow wherever my clients dictate. You see, the clearer you are within, the more you can let others grab the reins. The best leaders ignite a team of thinkers who set their own goals. What kinda team are you building, friend?

One you gotta turn up or one that’s already lit? Good work Chitown team. I’m beginning to believe. Good…


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