There’s a lot of chatter these days about being more mindful and in the moment. Funny, the chatter is mostly noise. Here’s the truth about becoming more mindful, friend. Step one is becoming aware where instead of mindful, you are mindless. A mighty step this is too. You see, when you encounter another human and desire to connect, you must be mindful so you can shift attention away from yourself and toward your target. Yes, this is huge. The mindful do not quiet the mind, well, mindlessly. The mindful quiet the mind because they deeply desire to get out of their own head and connect fully to their aim (work), to another (relationship), or toward something they love (passion).

The mindful quiet their mind to tune into their targets. The mindless continue to scroll, text, tweet, or divide attention any number of other ways. Mindful men and women shift their attention from self centered/other controlling to CORE centered/self controlling. This clarity within allows the mindful to give fully to their work, another, or something they love. FM, baby.

This is why I love my “dumb-dumb.” My dumbdumb is the name I’ve given to my dumb phone. The dumb phone has helped me avoid mindlessness. I’m using technology to help me connect, don’t get me wrong. I’m simply using the dumb – dumb as a discipline to keep me out of my own way and avoid the distraction and quick dopamine high of the ever present ding. My clients cannot catch me when I’m with another, doing work I love. My clients, however, can take comfort in knowing that when I’m with them, the same mind is fully trained on them – only them.

The mindful are in the moment. And, in the moment, the focus is singularly aimed on the target of their choosing. Inefficient? Yes. Ineffective? No. Good…

1 thought on “Mindful…

  1. I like this note. Reminder and remember.
    One AND Or contrary thought; You mentioned “inefficient, yes” I personally do not think it is inefficient. Does life, connecting, and loving each other have to be efficient?

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