Toto stirred. Lauren led…

Today, in practice 35 with a team learning to truly talk, we built some trust with a position. You see there has been distrust in a position for awhile around here. This is true for so many positions in the places you work too. So, today, we bubbled it up again. Toto (me) stirred the pot because he’s not afraid to be that guy. Toto knows that he’s simply got to bark and help all the Dorothy’s in his world get on their builder’s journey instead of fearing Auntiwhomever, Unclewhatshisname, or whatever witch happens to be in the position of authority. Toto starts things up. You see, he’s simply come to understand that’s part and parcel to his role. Toto’s made his peace that he’s got to do some things he doesn’t like to help some of those he loves. Fact. Sit with that thought for awhile, leader.

So, today, like everyday, Toto barked up the right couple of trees and shook the branches until some fruit fell. Liz let it out. Lauren led. Jimmyccd talked triangles and stirred some himself. ANP, Brad, Jeff, Patmanduh, Bradblockheadlee, and Tommy brought some good game to practice 35. And, the Doc closed  us down with a FM thought. He noticed that today’s practice was tighter than the last one held in the larger conference room upstairs. The room was tight. We were forced into tight quarters and maybe just maybe the forced proximity forced some truth out. Maybe. We’re moving this team practice and gonna see if proximity matters. By the way, leader, proximity matters.

Today, practice 35, was tight. Lauren led the way. Trust was built. Toto caught a glimpse of another Dorothy in the making. Seems he’s gonna be giving this new Dorothy the benefit of the doubt and see if she just might lead this team down the yellow brick road. Toto stirred. Lauren led. Who knew. Good…

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