Today, I’m transitioning. I’m leaving the real, sunshine state – Colorado, and heading to the clouds of cbus. This morning, during practice with a client doing some transition of his own, we talked about the power of purposefully ejecting. You see, the hardest thing this man ever went through was dealing with the departure of a dad who controlled, well, everything. My client didn’t learn to deal, if you will, until Dad was dead. You see, dad never self selected to eject.

Today, I did.

Taylor, our son, began his first day in the world of work today as an intern in Denver, Colorado. My client and I had breakfast across the street from where Tay started orientation this early am. Midway through our practice, my thoughtful client asked me if I wanted to run over and say goodbye to Tay. I self selected to eject. We continued our work and I allowed Tay to orient without my interference. Sounds like nothing, I know. For me, it was huge. I tend to over operate in his space because I believe it’s the loving thing to do. I’m not wrong, it’s just not right – now. Tay has got to learn to fly without his co-pilot sitting beside him, behind him, in front of him, or anywhere close by where he could gab the stick and take control. Tay has got to learn to fly with faith, faith in himself. We all do.

So, today, I modeled the way and instructed my client to do likewise. He heard what I had to say, I’m certain. He’ll remember what he saw, however, a whole lot longer. Good. Sometimes, leader, the only thing left for us to do is to self select our ejection. Your team, loved ones, and future leaders gotta know you believe in them enough to let go, to eject, if you will, because you know they can fly. You don’t have to eject forever. You don’t have to eject out of frustration. You don’t have to wait to eject until they reject you. You don’t have to eject, truth be told, ever. You choose. Your choices have consequences.

Today, I ejected. Bittersweet. Fact. You got this, Tay. You got this. Good…

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