True ONEness…

…is the Dream State for the Builder’s Journey.   It’s our value proposition and our deliverable for leaders and their teams.  It stands apart from the false oneness of group-think, outward appearance/compliance, or temporary alliance against a common enemy.  True oneness is integral to lasting impact and the greatest teams, lives, & legacies.

Our purpose is to awaken, challenge, and together transform a few leaders, teams and individuals into ONE – distinct & deeply connected – one BUILT TO LEAD.

How valuable is oneness?   To find out, grab a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.    On the left side, write how work & life feels when you don’t have oneness within yourself, or with your significant other, family, partner, board, team, et al.   After you finish, reflect on what you’ve written – what’s the cost when you don’t have oneness?   Write some more.

On the right side of your paper, repeat the exercise writing about how work & life feels when you have this kind of oneness.    Reflect again.  What’s it worth?   Write some more.

The Builder’s Journey to true oneness requires practice – real, hard, work — and you can’t build it with others until you’ve started to build authentic oneness within.    Great leaders have a strong CORE.  Leaders are believers — they know with uncommon clarity, depth & alignment WHY they are here, WHO they are, and HOW they want to live & work.   And they are constantly building their core stronger, never settling — always a W.I.P. – ever-deepening their W-orldview, I-dentity and P-rinciples.

A self-centered, others-controlling life will never produce true oneness.  Leaders who try to control others find themselves A-Lone, because leadership is about influence, not control.  Your influence and true oneness with others will only grow as you lead in a core-centered, self-controlling way.  Leaders are connectors to an inspired vision much greater than themselves.  They serve their teams, and with BUILT TO LEAD they practice with their teams to become ALL-one.  A-Lone vs. ALL-one?   It’s literally one ‘L of a difference.

The one ‘L is the love leaders give and receive (not take) along the Builder’s Journey.  BUILT TO LEAD leaders challenge their teams to do the same – to become truly ONE with them – through intentional, deliberate, ongoing practice.  Starting in Practice 1 and continuing through Practice 1000, BUILT TO LEAD leaders & teams practice speaking truth in love, believing in each other and pushing each other to do what they CAN.  Together they share a great big dream and a labor of love called OPUS where average is no longer tolerated.

Together we train, and together we practice to build true ONEness.  Together we improve.

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