Hot and wired…

Remember, leader, you need minds around you who think unlike you. Kinda like Bono said so many years ago about the power of U2 – He needs men like Edge, Larry, and Adam because they don’t agree easily. If you and your team are gonna sing a tune worth tuning in to, you’ve got to assemble an ensemble filled with distinct strengths, different minds, make each teammate do what they can, and somehow get them to think it was their own idea. Yes, leader, your job is simple but not easy.

We’ve been told we need to be like minded to become one. This is not true. We become one, not when we are like minded but when our minds are linked. Minds meld when they are all hot and wired, not cooled by only one doing all the thinking. As Danny Kahneman taught us in his book titled Thinking Fast and Slow, “Neurons that fire together wire together.” This is true individually and collectively, leader.

So today, leader, tune into teammates and encourage them to challenge your thinking with some good thinking of their own. You may think you’ll go faster on your own. You won’t. Nobody is as smart as everybody. You’ve been fooled, predictably, by the need for speed without understanding that four free thinkers are better than only one. You’ve assembled an ensemble. Seems kinda silly to only tune in and turn up one or two. Focus on four. Tune in. Turn up. Four more. Tune in. Turn up. Now you’ve got momentum. You’re building a team that is hot and wired. Simple but not easy.


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