Regulate your nerve…

Leaders, the kind that transform us, are more thermostat than thermometer. Translation. They regulate instead of simply reflecting the vibe around ’em.

Recently researchers at the ESADE business school in Barcelona (rated tops by WSJ) hooked up 35 grad students to EEG (measuring brain waves) and HRV (Heart rate variability) monitors and gave them a problem to solve. In as little as half an hour  they found the transformational leaders. Had nothing to do with what they said or the volume of words. The transformational leaders, the ones that positively influenced their team, were the thermostats. They regulated their own nervous systems better than most and the freakin’ magic was found in how effectively they regulated the nervous systems of the team.

You don’t rise to the occasion, remember. You slip to the level of your training. Build your BTL core. Author OPUS. Commit to PA (productive action). Nothing regulates your nervous system more than your strong BTL core. Build within. You cannot control other people and circumstances. Your strong BTL core will change your perception of control and strengthen your nerve.

Thermostat or thermometer? Regulate your nerve. Do not suffer from a failure of nerve. You choose. Your choices have consequences. Good…

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