BIG dreams…

BIG dreams. Little disciplines.

Today, at the conclusion of practice 265 with Durps dreamers, we landed on this truth. The recipe for sticking to your disciplines is to remember the recipe of dreaming big and embracing baby steps of discipline. Do not mix the two. BIG dreams. Little disciplines.

As Goethe said so long ago, “ Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move humankind.” Dream big, friend. And, don’t try to do it all in one, giant, step for mankind. Nothing great happens with a hack. Slow down. Baby step your way toward your big dream. Take your time and don’t stand still. Start taking baby steps now. Dream and do, remember. Dream and do. Dream big. little disciplines. You know this.

You do not go from fat sister to fit sister overnight. You make the move with some kinda big dream of what fit sister’s gonna do when she’s not carrying excess baggage. You start small and decide to go to the gym tonight. You baby step your way back to a healthy/physical life. Dream big. Little disciplines. Come on man/woman, you got this.

BIG dreams. Little disciplines….

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