Do more by design…

The world is a busy place and getting busier. Your brain defaults to energy save mode and takes shortcuts by default. This does not make you a bad person but it does not make you great either. Greatness of any guise takes design. You and I will not live great lives if we simply go with the flow and take life as it comes. It would be freakin’ magic if we could live by default and have it turn into gold. Life is not like that. We get better by choosing better habits because we’ve figured out our way forward, not by defaulting to shortcuts simply because they are easier. You can do what is easy now and life will get more difficult. Fact. You can do what is hard now and life will get easier. You choose. Your choices have consequences.

Today, during practice 54, a team was challenged to go deeper and put first things first. Today they were each given a mirror and the opportunity to work on their greatest leadership challenge – the challenging of leading self. Some took the challenge. Some came clean about how they’ve often made the habit of looking away. Some played on the surface. Some dove in the deep end. This team, just like yours, is making progress because individuals are making progress. The most important culture in your company, friend, is the culture in your twenty square feet. Are you living out your character in your twenty square feet or worrying about your reputation? Are you a different character at home versus away? Are you living by one design for work and life or defaulting to what others think, what others want, and what simply gets you through the day? Are you awake and oriented times four, or sleep walking through?

We get better, remember, by doing more than we think. Do more by design. Live hard. Love harder. (Thanks, Teeks)…

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