Humans love answers. We love stuff like personality profiles because they spit out simple answers like you’re an EFNP, Fact Finder, Lion, or blue. We love Strengthsfinder, Grit assessment, and Adversity Tolerance Tests, because they provide answers to complex questions. We feel better being told we’re this, that, or the other thing. Here’s the truth, however. None of these tests represent absolute truth. You see, friend, whatever you are today you can bet it wasn’t accurate a decade ago. You are evolving. The more you’ve experimented and remained open to opportunities, the more likely you’ve found a match between your gifts and good work. When we study the elite in most any endeavor, a test didn’t tell them who they are and how to best express it in their work and life – experiments opened their eyes. Nobody told them. They just knew it when they found a match.

So, friend, your best bet on becoming your best self come from within yourself. You know more than you think about what moves you toward your best self. Pay attention a bit more, please. You are your best bet on figuring out you. Back in 1993 sitting in a crowded classroom at the Center for Creative Leadership, I knew that I’d found my calling. None of their crazy tests gave me the answer. None of the crazy doc’s did either. I just knew that what they were doing didn’t look like work, it looked like fun. It felt like I’d found a match. I wanted to know more, so I started to study individuals, teams, and leaders with the aim of figuring out the essentials of excellence – I still am.

There is nothing wrong with taking tests, seeking clarity, and looking for answers. Experiments are just better bets. When you play around with something that interests you, nobody will have to tell you that you’ve found a match. You will know it when you stumble into it. Kinda like love, you just know it when you find it. Come Wednesday, Miss and I will celebrate 37 years of marriage. We’re a match and no test told us. We dated around prior to deciding. We experimented. When I met her, however, I knew we were different. I felt like I’d found my match – I still do. Stop the incessant search for answers, friend. Experiment. Play. You’ll know when it’s a match. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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