This morning I got out of bed and told Miss if she knew what was significant about today. Nothing came to mind, she said. Today, was the 2019 version of the marathon from Marathon to Athens. Next year we’re going to run it. Miss hasn’t decided if she is going 5k or 10k, but she’s going. I’m running 26.2 with a no opt out mindset. Speed doesn’t matter. Enduring does. So, today, I decided it was a good day to go run a half. I picked a glorious route, packed myself a water bottle filled with tart cherry juice, water, and coconut water, kissed my Miss and headed out with not a care in the world. Miss had given me her iPhone and was tracking me on the iPad. My girl was looking out for me. If I got in any trouble, she would come pick my sorriness up. So, I smiled knowing I wasn’t running a lone. I’ve never run more than 8 miles in my life, was sore from yesterday’s SEAL slaughter in the 3PP, and figured this would be a good test. I giggled at myself knowing this kind of training is stupid and makes little sense.

Turning left on Sherborne, left on 315, and left again on Carriage, I settled into a comfortable rhythm and let my mind wander to the beauty to my left and right. Within two miles I noticed my first young Buck sharpening his antlers in the woods. Krit’s/Tay’s middle school was the next landmark and then the park we once hiked with Teeks. Memories came sailing in as my pace slowed for the light. Another left on Hyatts and another Buck. Beautiful animal. Once I made the left on Sawmill parkway I started telling myself “back nine,” and smiled even more. Nothing hurt. Arriving back to Liberty road and still feeling good, I decided to take the long way home. My smile increased as I knew the end was in sight. Miss greeted me with a big grin as we pulled out the phone and realized I’d run 14.6 instead of 13.1. Nothing hurt. Good.

Big dreams. Baby steps. Dream and do.

Tomorrow I won’t run but will have a nice walk in Chicago to and from my client. Tuesday I might do a little run/run of 3-4 miles. I’m not planning on doing another long run until late Spring. Sometimes, however, you’ve just got to play with doing more than you’ve ever done. Thanks, Miss, for your energizing belief in me. You keep me going whether it’s on a long run or just another long day pursuing my opus. You make me want to do more. You make me want to be more. I wasn’t sure how far I could go today but I knew you were watching and it gave me unspeakable energy. So, friend, before you play around with personal bests, make sure you’re feeling filled up before heading out. Filled with more love than fear. Thanks for the fill up Miss.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

1 thought on “14.6…

  1. I enjoyed hearing about your run!
    So happy for you and your big dream.
    Embrace the gift. I remember having the ability to run like the wind.
    I miss not being able to any more.
    One of the things I look forward to when I go home.

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