Become and belong…

I believe human desire has two roots that branch out deep and wide. We all desire to know who we are. We want to see ourselves for who we are, know we’re unique and make peace with our place in this world (this should be easier than it is, right). We want to become the original we sense we are but can’t quite put our finger on. We want to know our identities and accept our secret name, as The Book of Revelation reminds. We are wired to become. We are wired to become autonomous not a lone. So why are there so many lonely souls and so few that are lit? Are you a work in process transforming from a lone toward all one – One L of a difference?

We humans are not designed to go it alone, in fact it’ll drive us all nuts. We want to be understood by another and fully accepted. We want to belong on a team, in a family, neighborhood, club, charity, or some sorta community we can call home. We all want to belong and none of us can force our sense of belonging. We can’t make someone want to be with us, love us, join our team, treat us as family, be neighborly, invite us into their club, and understand and accept us for who we are. We can, however, give this gift of belonging to another. We can let another human know they can count on us. We can invite people into relationship and give freely to meet their needs. We are free to give this gift with no guarantee of it being reciprocated. Where, you may be asking, is the justice in this system. I mean why would we be designed for belonging with no guarantee we’ll be receiving what we’re giving. Doesn’t seem fair does it? Seems like maybe there’s a design flaw in us, huh.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a giver above and beyond our visibility who gives above and beyond our minds comprehension. Maybe we are meant to look up and receive freely a love that makes no sense and can’t be repaid, only passed along. Maybe there is such a thing as Grace from an all loving, all knowing, and all powerful God. If all of us deeply desire to become and belong, it makes some sense that we all come from a creator who designed such desires and designed a way for these desires to be met. I mean, that seems only right, doesn’t it? Giving without a guaranteed return. And, the missing piece has gotta be Grace, right? Slow down and sit with this for awhile. Slow down and look up. I believe human desire has two roots that branch out deep and wide. What do you believe? Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

1 thought on “Become and belong…

  1. Love this one, Toto. Love the tension between a lone (becoming but not belonging) and belonging without becoming, which is not all one. Must have something greater than ourselves to birth the true unity of oneness, which can only be cultivated through maturity and practiced through the distinctiveness of true diversity.

    Unlike bricks which are designed through conformity, we become one through fitting together distinct shapes into something even stronger – where the grace is the mortor.

    Giving and grace — and one more — glory. We receive and give glory from and to the ONE who created us when we live it out giving and receiving grace.

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