The Medici family left a mark. Back in fifteenth century Florence, Italy this fine family decided we had been dark long enough. So, they put their money where their mouth was and invited scientists, sculptors, poets, philosophers, people of high finance, and even some of those crazy artists like Leonardo, to come to their fair city. Florence became a confluence of ideas as painters rubbed up against poets and philosophers hung out with bankers. Scientists and sculptors shared some Italian ice and voila, or something like that. Florence is known as the epicenter of the great Renaissance, the Enlightenment if you will, that led to a creative explosion of epic proportion!

Every CEO who wants a creative confine around his/her company, needs to study a little Medici & Leonardo. Turns out history’s greatest genius couldn’t have done it without being surrounded by diverse minds, diverse disciplines, and diverse cultures. You may not like those nut-cases down the hall, you may not understand those maniacs in marketing, and you may not be able to engage your engineers in long convo about E News. However, you may need their minds to bring your creative idea into some innovation we can see. Remember, there are no enlightened ones, only those earnestly seeking it.

Want a creative burst around your business/team?

Stop running your ideas by minds that think like you do. Start mixing it up with diverse, different, and even some diametrically opposed. When you least expect it the idea will become fluent and your eureka moment arrives. Medici knew what he was doing, my friend. Be one of the few and face your fear and invite some foreigners/outsiders in for a little idea exchange. Your teams next big idea may be brewing in many of your teams minds, you’ve just got to get them together so, together, it will go from fools gold to fluent. Together we transform, remember. Always together. Who do you need to include, leader, into your next brainstorming session? The best way to avoid sabotage from the outsider is to make them one of us. Slow down and sit with this for awhile. Seek light. Eureka is coming. Like Medici, you’ll leave a mark. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

2 thoughts on “Enlightenment…

  1. I agree DD, very hard to do this. It’s pretty cool though when you get different perspectives and can think from someone else’s “shoes”.

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