Back in 2010 I was diagnosed as “skinny fat.” I was looking good but was far from it. I was, in fact, pre-diabetic, filled with inflammation, and had high blood pressure too. Not good. However, the worst of it was that I had visceral fat three times normal and it was already wrapping itself around my organs. You see, friend, subcutaneous fat tends to disappear as we age. Instead, we begin to build up visceral fat. This nasty stuff infiltrates our organs, bathing them in a nasty chemical stew that wrecks havoc. Liposuction only removes the good, subcutaneous fat. We may look better but we’re far from better. Gotta go deeper and here’s why. the viscystuff can’t be removed safely because it’s intertwinned with organs and blood vessels. So what, you ask, destroys the viscy?


Muscle. So, my not so young client, it’s time to start building some strength within your literal core as muscles mortal enemy is viscy. The more muscle you build, the more mitochondria you will have. This is the ultimate fat fighter.


Leptin, a hormone produced by fat tissue, normally tells the brain, we’re done, stop eating. However, the brains of obese folks often can’t hear leptin’s screams to STOP. So, they don’t get the message and keep right on putting fork/spoon to mouth. This does not build muscle. Instead of filling your expanding belly to the rim, try substituting some floor work instead. Grab a mat and plank, push, and pull. Lay on your back and vsit, flutter, and lift your legs up over head. Get a heavy ball and lift it over your head a few or maybe a hundred times (we did 100 this am). Grab a kettlebell and swing it for all you’re worth. Once you’ve built strength within, you’ll be doing Lhangs, touching your toes to the pull up bar, and doing chin-ups with a twenty pound ball on your lap. Mitochondria will be expanding as visystuff is subdued.


We’ve been building within for over a decade in the 3PP. It is simple, not easy. Building core strength does not get easier over time. In fact, you have to keep making it harder to make the same amount of muscle and mitochondria. Stop whining and wishing for the body of your twenty’s or thirties to miraculously reappear. Do the work within. Build core muscle. This will increase mitochondria and decrease visystuff. And, your back will thank you too. The number one chronic pain for the not so young crowd is lower back pain. A strong core is the cure. Do. The. Work. Good…


Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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  1. I love weightlifting which I do a minimum of 5 times per week. I spend at a minimum of 50% of my workout sessions doing some type of lift that focuses upon my core. I no longer has back pain but I am working to reduce the belly fat. Once you hit 50, it just doesn’t go away as quickly as I want. I agreed, building ones core muscles resolves other issues.

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