Hard OPUS…

Tomorrow morning this book can be bought on Amazon. I began writing it fourteen years ago when Doug Loewe challenged me to start writing weekly so he and his team could stay tuned in to BTL in between practices. I loathed writing for a few years. I love it now. Writing brings clarity. Writing as a daily discipline brings crystal clarity.

If you’re a client of BTL, buy this book and read it one day at a time. Write. Keep a journal beside you and use it, slowly. We will use it in our practices and go deeper. If you’re not a BTL client, you may become ONE about a year from now.

I hope you enjoy Becoming BTL – it’s been a labor of love of mine for years and become a labor of love for the BTL band as together we’ve transformed. Hard OPUS you sustain as you tire. Hard labor you disdain as you perspire. Here’s hoping you’re Becoming BTL. Here’s hoping you’re learning to do hard things well. Here’s hoping you are cutting out the noise and enjoying more signal. Slow down. Reflect. Tune in using your CORE, OPUS, and PoP. See you on the climb.

Live hard. Love harder…

5 thoughts on “Hard OPUS…

  1. Threw this on my wish list this morning – looking forward to snagging a copy. I just started BTL practice with DD a couple months ago through work and am enjoying the process for sure. Need a new project? BTL journal??? 🙂

  2. Chet – congratulations!! We see the finished product and are amazed at the accomplishment. What we don’t see but hopefully realize is the work that went into this years ago to put you in the position you are today. I bought my copy and can’t wait to dig in!! Thank you!!

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