Practice 77…

I wasn’t planning to write for a long, long time. I had to write about practice 77 with a team of maniacs. During practice 76 we esteemed one teammate. We invested one hour mostly telling one teammate how much we appreciate and get them. The room was filled with gratitude and joy as we authentically esteemed one teammate. We admitted we don’t do this enough. I guess you could say it was the Spirit of 76, huh. Could your team use some of that?

At the conclusion of practice 76 (a week ago) we sent the three musketeers away to gain role clarity before we congregated for the 77th time. They practiced on their own, talked real shit, owned their own and clarity came along for the ride. Today, when they connected the rest of the team to it, it was like being in church – just not religious.

We saw a clash of belief systems play out in real time with one high performer and the head of the system. It was so well played. Conflict, friend, is not the problem. Unhealthy conflict within is the toxic core of frustration with another. This team is doing the freakin’ work on themselves and funny how it’s translating to chemistry with another. You want a team that better understands you? Give the gift first. Get (understand) them. I mean really get them. Too many teams are out to get (fix) their own teammates. Too many teammates think another teammate is moving in on their role and reject their help or ideas out of fear. Want a team that truly gets you? Give the gift. Are you?

Thanks, team, for the inspiration today. I’m doing my best to pass it along…

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