Day 43 (Compete)…

…is another core BTL principle. But, how you live it out depends upon which of two competing worldviews you hold. Let’s be a good journalist and dig deeper.

We’ll start our story by examining the self-centered/other-controlling worldview. Does it compete? Yes.

Who does it compete with? Anything and anyone in its way.

What does it compete in? Work and life.

When does it compete? Whenever necessary.

Where does it compete? Wherever it’s challenged.

Why compete? To win, at any cost.

How does it compete? With whatever means are necessary — sometimes aggressive, sometimes passive-aggressive —but always without regard for anyone else. Even its cover is not pretty — PC. Giving out a medal to every participant is just a cover-up.

Next, let’s examine the core-centered/self-controlling worldview. Does it compete? Yes.

Who does it compete with? Itself, to win the morning, to win the afternoon, to win the day.

What does it compete in? Work and life.

When does it compete? All the time every day, whether nobody or everybody is watching.

Where does it compete? In the private arena of its own mind.

Why does it compete? Because it must to fullfill it’s purpose — to be true to self and for the good of others — for true ONEness.

How does it compete? By any and all means necessary, but always with truth and love —sometimes tough, sometimes tender — but always with old-school WYSIWYG.

At BTL we believe our greatest challenge — and our only competition — is leading ourselves. If he’d have thought of it first, Yogi Berra would have said “What you replicate is what you will replicate.”

At BTL, we believe how you count wins and losses matters. Win-lose is not a win, it’s a lose-lose. Like Stephen Covey said, it’s win-win or no deal.

What do you believe, friend? When you compete, which worldview are you replicating? Have you copped out, fooled into thinking you aren’t competing? Have you opted in or opted out of building your own core, your own worldview? Are you competing against, or competing for?

Compete is not a dirty word. There are only dirty world-views. One ‘L of a difference.

Embrace it. Live it. Love it (Thanks, Toto).

2 thoughts on “Day 43 (Compete)…

  1. Yesterday I shared some journal writing I did with a group from church. It was really well received, and I was sent many kind words.

    I wrote for myself, and it turned out to be really helpful for others. It was wonderful, this writing. Not the prose, but the act. I loved it. It was a labor of love. It was true. It filled purpose. It helped others. I rinsed it a bunch of times, for me, competing with myself and winning the day one rinse at a time.

    I received another invitation to do something similar right after this, from a former pastor. I received another note that encouraged me to lean into an old notion I’ve had a bit more. I won the day, by leaning into something full of truth, love and purpose.

    My greatest challenge will always be leading myself, tho it feels much easier when leaning into passion and purpose.

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