Day 61 (Repent)…

Driving a car out of alignment is no fun.  It’s a constant wrestling match with the steering wheel, which creates all sorts of unnecessary expenditures of energy.  Being on the road with another car that is out of alignment is no fun either… you best give it a wide berth as its driver tries to control the vehicle’s shimmy and shake while they work to keep it in its lane.

A BTL core out of alignment is no different.  This weak core reduces your ability to lead both yourself and others, while the blind spots and integrity gaps that are creating the misalignment reveal themselves in your culture, character, and competence. 

Sadly, none of us is even close to perfect, and our beliefs don’t always align with our actions, at which point we are left with two choices.   Often our typical response is to rationalize.  We explain the dissonance between what we believe and how we act by diminishing, deflecting, dismissing, or defending it.  While we think we have preserved our integrity, persona, or influence, in reality we have diminished it. 

Our alternative is to repent.  Rather than continually fight with the wheel to keep the car in its lane, we can take it into the shop and do the real work of getting things adjusted so that they are tracking correctly.  Deeply changing the behaviors that are causing us to meander all over the road allows us to cruise in a way that is reliable and predictable, improving our performance and the performance of those we are leading.  

Repent, repair, restore, renew. Want to see more integrity from your team and those around you?  Watch what happens when you gain alignment within yourself.  Who can help tell you how your vehicle has been tracking?  What deep changes do you need to make? 

1 thought on “Day 61 (Repent)…

  1. Did a bit of repair and repent yesterday with someone. We left the convo in a great place, with an action plan. Oh, and I slept like a champ as well. Interesting how that coincides. The past few days of blindspots, integrity gaps and work to change are changing me – no more rationalizing – way more acceptance, humbly and work. SO good!

    We even embarked on this conversation at the 3rd grade level last night…we talked about our actions and if they were deflecting the problem or working towards a solution. We put an action plan in place. We felt, and then detached from the big emotions that were tied to the work we had to do. The work got done, the hike in the woods, tree climbing and creek hopping did too. Relationship solidified even more. So good.

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