Change what fuels you…

This morning, in another early am gem of a practice, I learned that the process of BBTL (Becoming BTL) is all about addition by subtraction. BBTL does not change you into someone you’re not now. BBTL simply sheds the layers of unnecessary bullshit you’ve built up over the years because you’ve been running on the wrong fuel. You see, friend, BBTL doesn’t change you, it changes what fuels you.

What fuels each of us, by default, is fear. This fuel works naturally. Want a fuel that works supernaturally? Find more love for whatever it is your aiming toward. BBTL changes what fuels you. Becoming the original you already are is the process of BBTL. No masks. No shame. No need to find someone to blame. This is addition by subtraction.

What’s fueling you today?

Live hard. LOVE harder…

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