Day 82 (Rob Lowe)…

I believe we are all hurt humans hurting humans.  I believe we are all an internal house divided.  I believe we are all a beautiful mess.  I believe we all have holes and are searching to become whole.  I believe we all yearn to be understood, are afraid, have regrets, blind spots, and are a work in process.

I believe we all deal with much of the same stuff; what differentiates us is the meaning we attach to the stuff we deal with.

Often in my career, I coached athletes who would look at the women standing on the winners’ podium and believe they were somehow inherently different than themselves.  Having also coached women who ascended that podium, I know this is not true.  Even the best athletes have doubts, fears, and plenty of tears.  They just understand that such feelings are part of the growth process rather than indications that they lack the capacity to achieve their goals. 

The best teams I coached adopted a response to unpleasant emotions that normalized them as something we all encounter during the journey.  We supported one another, giving plenty of courage and understanding, as we worked through the hard stuff, using it as a catalyst for growth.

Never compare your insides to someone else’s outsides (thanks Rob Lowe). The images of peoples’ lives we see–whether in person or on someone’s Facebook, Instagram, or any other account–make it seem as if their lives are so much more fun, interesting, exciting, together, etc., than ours.  This, for the most part, is far from the truth.  Despite how things may appear, we are far more alike than we are different. 

Build within, fill with love.  Lend a hand and help someone else do the same.  Stop comparing yourself to another. We are all a work in process.  Take a look at where you have been, appreciate where you are, look ahead to where you are going. Then grab a hand and take a step toward.  Good.

1 thought on “Day 82 (Rob Lowe)…

  1. Thank you for this today! This was a read that ‘filled my emotional cup’ — gave me hope in humanity and in myself.

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