A day…

Saturday I set a PR (personal record) on the Peloton bike. Everything in my body hurt. I smiled. Sunday, Miss and I had arrived home and the boys and I headed out for a two hour ride in the countryside. Laughs and hard pulls. Monday, more of the same. The legs, neck, back, and quads were in shock. Good.

Today, two days before my 62nd, Farmer, Littlest Fricker, Downer, and I went out and ripped it up on the bike at the end of the day. More laughs, stories, and shared struggle. My entire body felt like I’d been in a car crash. Everything was sore and it was glorious. I reminded myself of my many friends who are not able. I smiled as the few suffered together. Downer told me to go get them and it felt like someone pushed me in my lower back. The twigs transferred power from where I don’t know. Downer passed me in pursuit of Farmer and I returned the favor. He seemed to flip the switch.

Tonight, I’m so tired and so happy. A day filled with practice with great clients who’ve become great friends. A day filled with with gratitude and hard OPUS. A day I pushed the pedals and pushed my people. A day powered by purpose and lit with passion. A day I’m so glad I had. A day filled. A day free of regret. A day. Tomorrow, I anticipate a day just like this one. A day filled with purpose and passion in relentless pursuit of a worthy OPUS. A day. How ‘bout you? What are you anticipating about tomorrow? A day? A dread? A drudge? A dream? Make it a day worth remembering, friend. Make it a day…

Live hard. Love harder…

1 thought on “A day…

  1. I too have been pushing myself with running. My OPUS is to never stop being uncomfortable. God has never called His faithful to a life of comfort. Too many of our churches became entrenched in their comfort and are paying the price. We need people in this day and age in which we find ourselves prepared to be uncomfortable as they are the ones that will be the true leaders.

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