Day 97: ONE – uncommon among the uncommon…

The first time I’d ever heard the word “one” used in a non-singular form was from U2. The song “One” saved their band from disbanding.

In late October of 1990, the band met up in Berlin to see if they could recreate themselves after a couple of albums did not strike a chord with their fans. This was not a magical time in the band’s history. Quite the opposite, this was a time they had to risk it all. You see, they’d lost their way and didn’t have a compass and a map. So they committed to showing up and doing the work… together.

Every day, Edge would come in with another set of chords he’d come up with during the night and share it with the band. They’d play off each other and try to find the songs. As they were working on one titled “Sick Puppies”, Edge introduced a new bridge and Bono heard it. He heard something in those few chords that spoke to him and he ran into the recording booth and starting humming, chanting and riffing along. He didn’t have the words yet, but he heard the song.

As the lyrics were put on paper, the message reflected their journey from that moment on: “We’re ONE, but we’re not the same. We get to carry each other, sisters and brothers.” I loved this song from the moment I heard it without knowing any of this because something in it resonated with me too. And then I heard Chet describe ‘ONE’ as being “distinct and deeply connected” and it all made sense.

There’s a reason U2 is still making music over 40 years after they started. They chose to become ONE and embraced being uncommon. Here’s a quote from Bono about how they did it. Listen up, this could be huge:

“You have to reject one expression of the band first before you get to the next expression. And in between you have nothing, you have to risk it all.”

Are you ready to toss away the old sounds you’ve been playing in your head that tell you you aren’t good enough or can’t do something? Why not take a chance on believing in yourself and build a CORE that brings out the best of you? What do you have to lose? Why not risk it all?

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