Day 98: Habits…

Habits are built through routinely doing something. And when you begin trying something new, you will most likely struggle. This is, in essence, the core of what practicing is all about.

I had the unique experience of getting paid to play a sport for a few years after college. It was a dream of a job, but not because of the prestige that may accompany this type of work. I simply could not believe I was getting paid to become a better soccer player. You see, we practiced far more than we played. And the practices were designed to help us grow mentally and physically. I LOVED the daily challenges thrown at me. Practice was a chance to push my limits, try something new, and play without fear. And the games were really just a reflection of the work we’d done on ourselves.

I have the curse of knowledge through my experience and wonder why the corporate world doesn’t consider the concept of practice and regularly working on the skills needed to be a good at your job. In this field of play, people rush from meeting to meeting, project to project, burn the midnight oil, eat on the run or don’t eat at all, and are expected to perform every time, all the time. Can you imagine if that’s how sports worked? I don’t think we’d be fans for very long.

What would happen if you and your teams regularly practiced some of these things? How to listen better… how to be CCD… how to say ‘yes’ to what matters and ’no’ to everything else… how to integrate your passion into your efforts and encourage others to do the same… how to build trust… how to give and receive feedback. At BTL, we don’t call our time together with our clients meetings or sessions, we call them practices for this very reason.

Do you think Michael Jordon, Mia Hamm, Wayne Gretzky and Serena Williams accomplish what they do if they just showed up to their games expecting to perform? What about you? Are you practicing to improve or just playing games? Build the habit of practice. You can do more than you think…

1 thought on “Day 98: Habits…

  1. “Well being is realized by small steps, but is truly no small thing.” – Zeno

    Whatever your practice, it will add up. If you practice studying scripture, it will add up to deeper understanding. If you practice core work, your core will become stronger. If you practice writing, your writing will become clearer and more concise, with less. These things become your life, instead of something you “do”. Parts of me happened this way without me knowing…but now that I know, I’m becoming much more conscious about my practices – especially the hard parts and the parts that don’t come easy for me. I’m talking to you, pull ups…

    Thanks for your writing this month David…learning much.

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